Durable and water-resistant design provides up to 70 hours of light in these gorgeous mini lanterns.

  • 3 light settings
  • Hang anywhere or attach with magnetic closure

Add ambiance and camp lighting to your outdoor adventure, with these mini lanterns. You'll want to pick up a few because these mini lanterns look incredible all strung up together. The different light settings offer you control over your lighting scheme. Made from silicon rubber and runs on 3 AAA batteries for 70 hours on the low setting (40 hours on high).

What Reviewers Say:

People that love these lanterns REALLY love them. And here's what they think:

  • I'm an engineer, so I spent a long time comparing specs to find the brightest possible bombproof lantern, but after trying a couple of "superlanterns", I finally realized that the jarring blue/white light put out by most LED lanterns can transform your picturesque camping spot into something akin to the tiled basement of a hospital morgue. There are a lot of things which are right about this lantern, but paramount is the color temperature. It's a beautiful, warm light which to my eye is similar to a GE Reveal incandescent lightbulb. I find myself using it around the house even when the power is working fine, because it just makes everything look warm and inviting. And really, 65 lumens in enough to be able to see clearly for cooking, reading etc without blinding everyone around you. When dinner is done and it's time to relax, the low power mode is a perfect ambient light. Candle mode, which I thought was a cheesy gimmick when I bought it, further enhances the experience.
  • This little lantern is one of my favorite objects on earth. Though I must admit that at first, I was unsure about purchasing "high end camping gear" ... I now have no idea what I was thinking, or what that even means - its worth every penny and has uses far beyond the camp site. The Mini Hozuki serves as a good luck charm, a nightlight, a high performance tool, and an attractive clip-on badge of awesomeness. The design is beyond clever - the feel and look of the lantern screams perfection. The magnet is impressively strong, and takes a good smash against a wall to come dislodged from my backpack, if it comes dislodged at all. The quality of the LED has changed my standards in lighting forever.
  • This is a wonderful light for camping or when the lights go out.

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