Snorkelstar Full Face Snorkel Mask

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask for the Whole Family

Why people love it
  • A good quality mask + bonus goodies at a great price tag
  • Comfortable, reliable mask built to last
  • Great for first-timers and regular snorkelers alike

Stylish, great for kids and adults, great viewing area, including diving fins and anti-fog spray, 1-way valve keeps water out of the snorkel, GoPro mount included, rounded screen for more comfort, and separated breathing chamber.

Prone to fogging up and may distort vision.


Comfort: This mask is very comfortable, with enough cushioning around the rim and nose section to keep you happy for hours of use. It won't squeeze or press on your face, but will allow you full range of motion without discomfort. Thanks to the valve built into the snorkel, you'll never have to worry about swallowing or inhaling seawater while snorkeling.

The fit is compatible with most adults, youth, and older children. Definitely one of the most versatile options around!

Durability: The mask is fairly durable, with quality materials (silicone seal, scratch resistant glass, rubber straps, etc.) that can stand up to regular use.

Visibility: The 180-degree field of view gives you an unobstructed look at the world around you. However, the glass may distort your vision, making objects look closer or farther than they really are. Though the anti-fog spray (a bonus) helps to reduce fogging, the mask is prone to clouding up after a few minutes of underwater use.

Features: The mask comes with a built-in mount for GoPro cameras, but the mount is compatible with a range of action/underwater cameras. When you buy the mask, the manufacturer also throws in a pair of diving fins (not the best quality) and anti-fogging spray (very handy) as a bonus.

Price: For the price, this isn't your best pick. It's a decent quality mask that offers comfort and versatility, but it's costlier than you'd expect.

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