Smooth Viking Hydrating Fiber Cream

Best Men’s Hair Cream Overall

Why people love it
  • Amazing hold that's medium to high and lasts and lasts
  • Appears natural and not at all greasy
  • Only a little is needed to add thickness and volume
  • Few negatives, if any
  • Price is, indeed, a drawback

If you have fine or thinning hair, you’re probably constantly on watch with regards to what you put in it. We get that.

And, we think you should get this if you’re worried about holding onto what you have.

Many users report an apparent thickness when using this product, and even guys with thicker hair achieve decent volume.

It’s definitely better for shorter hair rather than longer hair - and there’s good news for curly-haired guys; this does a fair job of keeping your curls in order or slicking them back.

Users love how easy it is to distribute this cream through their hair - and it’s even easier to wash out.

But, let’s talk about the big thing - hold and shine.

The hold is definitely medium to high (rather than the medium to lower holds you’ll find with many styling creams). And yet, it’s not so strong that men with thin hair need to run away.

This cream has a light shine to it, almost appearing matte, which is a bonus for many users.

If you want a little more shine, apply with a bit of water. And, though you should be able to rework your style as needed (your hair will feel naturally soft all day), you probably won’t need to do much of it - the hold is really long lasting.

Key ingredients: First and foremost, you  should know this is a cruelty-free brand, which is always a plus.

Inside, you’ll find a blend of lanolin wax, beeswax, castor oil, Abyssinian seed oil, Argan oil, soybean oil, green tea extract, and even quinoa.

There are no parabens, though they do have added fragrance, which is a little disappointing.

Texture and appearance: This has a thick creamy texture, which is as you would expect. It’s non-sticky and washes off hands and hair easily.

Application: You can apply this to either damp hair or dry hair, both tend to be fairly easy for most men.

You’ll get a little more shine and less hold when you apply it to damp or wet hair, and you should expect the converse when applying to dry hair.

Some users have found that they need just a pinch more than they would of other styling creams, but you shouldn’t start with more.

Scent: It’s difficult  to put your finger on the actual scent here. Clean is probably the closest you’ll get - it’s that neutral.

It’s an awesome choice for guys who just can’t stand heavily-perfumed products.

Price: You’ll find this usually costs over $12 for the 2 ounce container, working out to more than $6/ounce which is on the pricey side to be sure.

It is available with Prime, so at least you’ll save on the shipping.

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