Smooth Viking Hair Clay

Best Pomade for Adding Volume and Texture

Why people love it
  • A little truly does go a long way
  • Perfect hold that allows for height and texturing
  • Natural-looking hair with a serious matte finish

The smell isn’t fantastic.


Overall, this clay is simply amazing, but it’s maybe not a bad idea to get the negatives out of the way first.

First, the smell is not something everyone can live with. It’s really earthy, but it can come across as a little chemically sometimes. Mostly, it’s just enough aroma to let you know that you’re working with a product, and it goes away quickly. But, if you’re super sensitive, you may want to move along.

Then there is the hold. If you’re after a super strong, super long hold, this is not the clay for you. It lasts reasonably long – and stands up to humidity and moisture (so you can feel secure at the gym), but it’s not a 24-hour hold. And, we can’t say it’s anything more than medium.

So what does this clay do really well?

It allows for a range of styles, usually on the messier side, though it’s also pretty good with short, tamed, combed styles. If you want a low pompadour without the glistening finish you get with gels or pomades, this is an excellent choice.

More importantly, it really does add some thickness to thin hair and allows guys with flat, straight hair to get a bit of texture without weighing down hair in either case. Almost surprisingly, it’s just as valuable to those with wavy hair.

The texture is a little strange for a clay, but given the smooth application and the ease of washing it out, we’re going to forgive it. Plus, the company selling it stands behind their products and seems to enjoy doing what they do; not everyone can make hair care that kind of fun.  

Hold: At best, we’d describe this hold as medium. It’s really not a strong hold, and if your hair is on the longer side, you may find this offers a little less than average. That said, it holds up well through some difficult elements, including sweat, which is a real plus.

Texture: This is a little more gelatinous than most clays, which can be a little off-putting at first. But it’s also, somehow, quite natural feeling and breaks down easily in your hands, making it rather easy to apply.

Application: When applied to slightly damp hair, you should expect a light sheen to it, making it behave a little like a pomade in that regard. But, overall, most guys find this product goes in easily with no need to alter application methods.

Duration: Many guys find that it lasts a good 14-18 hours. It doesn’t seem to ever last longer than that, but most men don’t expect more than 16 hours from a product. Just a quick word though, there are those that feel 12 hours is pushing it on this. So, you may need to take it with you if you’re planning an extended day out and about.

Washing ease: This washes out almost too easily. Some guys find they don’t even need a shampoo to get this water-based product out of their hair. We still recommend it, of course, if you’re trying to avoid build-up, but you can expect this to be an easy wash.

Scent: People have a lot to say about the smell of this clay. It’s not for everyone. It mostly smells of clay with, perhaps, another earthy smell like tobacco mixed in. Some feel that it’s really off-putting while others quite like it. Either way, it dissipates quickly and if everything else is in place for you on this product, you shouldn’t let the smell stop you from trying it.

Key ingredients: Inside, you’ll find petroleum mixed with bentonite clay. There’s also a fair amount of beeswax and lanolin waxes. We’re fans of the essential, carrot seed, and soybean oils.

Size: It’s 2 ounces. It does feel small when comparing it to other styling containers, but it’s average for most clays on the market.

Price: Expect to pay $14 on Amazon for a single container, with Prime shipping. Yep, that’s about $7 per ounce which is an average price for styling clay. But, it’s also available as a Subscribe & Save item which can make it even more affordable.  

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