It should come as no surprise that the sharper your knives, the easier it is to prepare food.  It simply goes much faster when you're working with optimum tools.  Ask any chef and they'll tell you that sharp knives are the number one thing they need in the kitchen.  And, knives dull remarkably quickly.  You can send your knives off for sharpening - you can get this and do it yourself.  Your choice.


This is the knife sharpener that automatically adjusts for professional-quality results with standard, serrated, or Japanese-style single-bevel knives. Invented by a master knife maker in Austria, the sharpener’s precision ground tungsten carbide surface delivers a superior cutting edge without damaging the blade and hones like a chef’s steel without removing metal. Simply draw the knife across the center opening—the sharpener’s patented spring-action bars adjust automatically to accommodate different blade angles for coarse sharpening, honing, or polishing of any metal blade. Four rubber feet on the base prevent scratches on tables or countertops and its streamlined design and compact size conserve counter space.

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