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Not only are these slippers cute, they’re heated through a USB cable. One size fits most.

Sadly, the battery life on these slippers is limited.


Why she’ll love it: Whether she works from home, or would rather just stay in for an evening of marathon series watching, these are a sweet pair of slippers to have. They’re super plush and fit just about any size foot (up to size 12). It takes 1-2 hours to charge these slippers and the heat lasts for 2-3 hours on very warm or 3-4 hours for just warm. That should get her through part of the day. And if she’s near a USB charging source, she can wear them while they change. Now, admit it, you’re a little jealous.

Price: You’ll pay $40 for a wireless pair or a few bucks less for a wired pair. We think it’s a good idea to spend the extra bucks. And, if you have more in your budget, why not splash out on a slanket or a bathrobe too? You know she’ll love it.


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