Smethport 110 Foam Magnetic Numbers Set

Best Magnetic Toy for Learning Numbers

Why people love it
  • High-quality foam toys
  • Fun way to learn numbers and mathematics
  • Non-scratch magnets

Amazon does not currently have any 1- or 2-star reviews on these magnetic toys. That being said, you’ll want to make sure to keep smaller magnets (like the multiplication dots) away from children with a tendency to put things in their mouth.


Age: While there are no specific restrictions on age, be careful about using these toys around very small children. If they’re ready to start counting though, then these should be perfectly fine for them to play and learn with!

Quality: Unlike the letter magnetic toys on this list, there are no reported issues with these magnets scratching up refrigerators. And in terms of overall construction, these are durable and well made. 

Safety: There is always a chance that magnets may fall out of toys like these unless they’re secured by metal rivets, so keep an eye on your kids when playing with these.

Price: With 110 number magnets in this set and a convenient storage container, this toy set is an absolute steal.

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