Why people love it
  • The mascara makes lashes thicker and fuller in a natural way
  • Glitter topcoat adds a subtle sparkle
  • Great way to try new products

The gel eyeliner is only a travel-size. 


Why she'll love it: This trio set includes a full size of volumizing mascara, a glittering mascara topcoat, and a travel-size gel eyeliner. And not to worry, the sparkling mascara topcoat isn't over-the-top like you might think. It just gives the lashes a little extra sparkle -a must-have for those holiday parties. If she loves makeup, she's sure to love this set. As a bonus, it's formulated without parabens and sulfates.

Price: This is $36 very well spent. If you were to buy all of these products individually, it would cost you nearly $64. And, if you order online, you'll get 3 free samples to add as a little something extra to her gift. 

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