Why people love it
  • Perfectly snug fit
  • Premium support for high impact areas
  • Thin fabric that provides more than enough warmth

Switchback Travel named the SmartWool PhD Ski Light as one of the best ski socks you can get in 2016. However, they moved SmartWool lower in their rankings this year due to a drop in long-term quality and durability.


Thickness: These socks win “best thin socks” for a reason.

Warming: Some reviewers have actually complained about how warm these socks make them.

Drying: Keeping your feet dry when you’re skiing or snowboarding is just as important as keeping them warm. These socks have just the right amount of ventilation to provide a breathable and dry experience for your feet.

Comfort: SmartWool is known as a leader in ski clothing for a reason—these socks are no different. Warmth, dryness, breathability, thin fabric, and a perfect fit all contribute to this sock’s comfort.

Padding: Because these socks are so thin, the padding is focused around supporting your feet.

Price: Due to the drop in reliability in these socks, you’ll want to consider how much extra care you’re willing to take in maintaining the longevity of these before you make this somewhat steep purchase.


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