Best Men's Ski Socks

Smartwool Men's PhD Ski Medium Socks
  • Built-in padding to protect the feet and shins
  • Fits all the way up to the knee and doesn’t slide down
  • Comfortable, warming fabric

Winner of Outdoor Gear Lab’s best overall ski sock in 2015, the SmartWool PhD medium ski sock provides the perfect mix of performance, protection, and comfort for men. And with a simple yet sophisticated design, these socks work and look just as good while skiing as they do when you’re not.

There are always three common drawbacks associated with SmartWool socks: they’re expensive, they don’t have a lifetime guarantee, and they aren’t easy to wash or maintain.


Thickness: This is the medium-weight cousin of our pick for Best Thin Sock this year.

Warming: The extra cushioning of this sock serves a dual purpose of support and extra warmth for your feet.

Drying: These socks are made for men’s specific ventilation, so dry feet should not be an issue.

Comfort: If you’ve been skiing for a while, you know that your feet and legs can get sore and blistery without the right sock to protect you from the elements or your boots. These socks will keep your feet and legs safe and comfy all day long.

Padding: The extra fabric on this sock (as compared to the thinner model) allows for more padding and support for the more serious skier or snowboarder.

Price: SmartWool’s socks are always more expensive than the competition’s and they also don’t come with a lifetime guarantee, and we know it can be difficult to pay that price knowing you may have to replace these some day.


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