Who wants to spend time boiling a kettle and mucking about in the kitchen while it does so?  Clearly not the developers of the iKettle

  • Control via smartphone
  • Wake up and home modes
  • Custom temperatures

Although electric kettles are only marginally used in the US, they're a staple of life everywhere else in the world.  Perhaps it's because tea is more popular.  Or, perhaps it's because there's a culture of making a single cup of coffee and the K-cup isn't exported everywhere yt (though the Nespresso brand has a serious following).  But, does the reason really matter? Nope.  Here's what counts.

The iKettle connects to your phone or tablet through a simple app.  You tell it when to start boiling the water; in exchange, this baby tells you when it's ready (to your preferred temperature, mind you) and if it might need some more water soon.  And, starting your appliances before you get out of bed sounds good, doesn't it? Especially when those appliances are your primary source of coffee or tea.  Unsurprisingly, the iKettle connects to your WiFi and is marvellously sexy sitting on your counter.

But, here's the catch.  (Sorry.) The price given here is an estimate, converted from £99.99. You can pick up the iKettle now if you live in the UK (or in Europe), but you'll need to run a converter / adapter in the US to make this gadget work. Of course, we don't think it'll always be that way. And, you can bet we'll be the first to let you know when it's available this side of the Atlantic.

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