Smarter Coffee Machine

Best Wi-Fi Coffee Maker Overall

Why people love it

• Brews an amazing cup of coffee; simple, versatile, and efficient

• Highly configurable settings allow precision control

• Beautifully easy to set up and get started using

Beautiful, great for coffee-on-demand, good hopper size, LCD screen for easy control, Wi-Fi controls user-friendly, 12-cup pot, sleek design, durable stainless steel exterior, easy to set up, secure, simple app, three brewing options, and allows for total control over the brewing process.

Relatively new product so not as tried and tested as other products on our list.


Operation: This coffee machine gives you everything you want in a smart coffee maker. From the large bean hopper built into the top to the LCD control screen to the 12-cup coffee pot, it's as reliable a machine as you could ask for. Thanks to the stainless steel exterior, it not only looks beautiful in your modern kitchen, but it's also highly durable and damage-resistant.

The coffee maker comes in three colors: black, white, and red. The colors help to accent the brushed steel case, giving it a luxurious elegance.

The machine does take a bit of work to set up. You have to download the free Smarter app to your phone (iOS/Android), but the app will prompt you on everything needed to set up the machine. The coffee maker's built-in Wi-Fi will connect to your home network easily. Once you input the password to the coffee maker, you're ready to get started setting up the brew. There are a few more questions to answer to ensure the configuration is as personalized as possible. All in all, a highly user-friendly machine!

Features: The machine has three brewing options: at the LCD on the front of the machine, the automated scheduling system, or via your smartphone. It's obviously best to go with the smartphone app, as it gives you total control over brew strength, quantity, and timing. You can pre-set everything to run at a certain time or simply access it via your phone when you want a cup of coffee brewed.

The machine can brew from 1 to 12 cups at a time, and you'll receive an alert when the machine is low on water or coffee grounds. The app is beautifully easy to use, with a minimalist feel that enables you to brew coffee in as few clicks as possible. The built-in coffee filter and bean grinder ensure you have everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee every day.

Price: At a little under $370, this is a pricey coffee maker! You can get a professional espresso machine at a cheaper price, but nowhere else can you find such user-friendly smart operation. If you're going for a high-tech coffee machine, you won't find better than this bad boy.

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