With Smart Bedding you will never have to make your bed again - ever! This ingenious invention attaches your top sheet to your duvet allowing you to make your bed in 2 seconds flat!


Smart Bedding - It's one of those inventions that makes you go 'Why didn't I think of that?' The unique bedding product is designed to attach your top sheet, the one that usually gets tangled by morning and is a hassle to tuck in, onto your duvet cover, allowing you to wake up just as covered as how you went to bed. The top sheet can deattach if you get to hot, and easily bottons back on.

In testing, users with Smart Bedding took only 2 minutes to make their bed, as opposed to the average of 90 seconds it takes with tradtional bedding. Add up all your time making your bed, and over your lifetime you can save 30 days, simply by using Smart Bedding.

The product comes in all the standard bedding sizes and six different color options, with everything crafted from 300CT 100% cotton. Matching fitted sheets and pillow cases are also available.  


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