Why people love it
  • Non-abrasive formula safe for sensitive teeth
  • Not only whitens teeth, but also fights cavities, plaque, bacteria, and gingivitis
  • Vegan, Non GMA, hydrogen peroxide free, and 100% organic

If you're looking for something that is a bit stronger than a DIY remedy, but want to avoid the harsh chemicals found in traditional whitening products, the Smart Ash Tooth Powder is the product for you. Not only is this product safe for sensitive teeth, but it may even reverse sensitivity by re-mineralizing and restoring enamel.

Although not many reviewers have anything negative to say about this product, those that did reported that it is a bit messy and does not produce noticeable results as quickly as advertised.


Results: Although this black, ashy product does not seem super appealing at first glance, this is one time you definitely cannot judge a book by its cover. Users report that it's actually super easy to use, non-messy, and totally safe for daily use. Simply dampen your toothbrush, dip the bristles into the powder, and gently brush your teeth for two minutes. Brush once more to remove residue and you're good to go! This all organic, non-abrasive teeth whitener is proven to safely lift stains and toxins, resulting in a noticeably whiter smile.

Time Frame: If you're looking for a whitener that will work quickly, this is probably not the product for you. Although some users report noticeable results in as little as three days, do not expect anything to happen overnight. However, one thing reviewers love about this product is that when you do begin to see results it looks incredibly natural, rather than the platinum, almost blueish, white you will experience with chemical whiteners. 

Side Effects: None! That's the beauty of this all-natural, organic product. However, some users with extremely sensitive teeth have reported experiencing some pain and soreness. So if you are someone who has experienced severe dental sensitives in the past, be sure to consult your dentist before using this product.

Price: At $30, this is definitely not the cheapest whitening product on our list, it is an extremely good price for an all-natural, organic product.

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