SlimFold Original Soft Shell Wallet

Best Water-Resistant Slim Wallet for Men

Why people love it

  • Thinner than most slim and minimalist wallets 
  • Fabric stretches around cards for a secure, snug fit 
  • Water resistant material 


The one major drawback to this wallet is its non-traditionally wide profile. It’s about 5” across and 5” long, which means this might not be the best choice when you’re wearing slim-pocketed pants or jackets.


Size: As mentioned above, the SlimFold comes in a non-traditional size. While it does retain a super thin profile when stuffed full of cards (it can hold about ten plus some cash), it’s much wider/longer than most wallets. 

Security: Probably the coolest thing about this wallet is that it was made with synthetic material that’s been crash-tested at 70 mph. So, not only will this wallet protect your money from liquids, it’ll also protect it from… well, pretty much everything else. 

Price: SlimFold is pretty well-known for providing high-quality wallets which is why they can get away with pricing like this. It’s not break-your-bank expensive, but it may be more than you hoped to spend on a slim wallet.

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