Slicing and dicing by hand is tedious (at best). This gadget removes those issues from your life.

  • 5 different slicing options
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Swiftly cut and slice all vegetables

You're going to love what this gadget can do. If you have a vegetable, you're going to want this. It's as simple as that. Really.

What Reviewers Say:

Want to know what real users think about this gadget? Here are just a few reviews.

  • This Slice&Cook Mandoline Slicer is by far, the biggest and best one of these I have ever used. I was amazed at how large this one was compared to the one I already have. This one comes with your blades which are stainless steel and give you 5 different cutting options. The blades also come in a nice plastic storage rack so they won't get damaged and are safer for you and your hands when getting them out.
  • This mandoline slicer is way tougher than it looks. I was pretty skeptical when I got it, because it is made of plastic. It is pretty sturdy and held up well while working with it. I am impressed. This mandoline comes with 5 different slicers, that are very easy to remove and replace. There is a red button in the middle of the slicer that once you press, it just slides out. The frame although is made of plastic, stays in place on the counter. It comes with a protector for you hands to place the fruit/vegetable in. Considering how sharp these blades are, it is well needed. I tried the thin slicer with tomatoes, and it worked beautifully. All the slices were uniform and it only left a small piece when finished cutting. So, not a lot of waste. I also tried the thick julienne slicer and made nice size potato wedges. All were uniform and I used almost the whole potato. Clean up is easy with this mandoline, it can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • WOW, just wow! I was amazed by what this mandolin slicer could do. The blades are super sharp and that's perfect because you wouldn't want dull blades, right? It is adjustable for the perfect size and there are five interchangeable blades for different widths.

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