Slanket Fleece Blanket

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Loves Her Netflix

Why people love it
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Wonderfully warm
  • Makes a great gift

This slanket (a blanket with sleeves) is super warm, soft, and snuggly. It comes in a variety of colors and is affordable.

The one-size-fits all doesn’t suit everyone and the sleeves can be a little large. Additionally, there have been a few quality control issues.


Features: Okay, we’re being a little general with the Netflix reference. And, if we were to tell the truth, she’s desperately waiting for the next season of the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. (Patience, she’ll stop talking about it soon.)

But, you know that this is perhaps the best option for curling up on the couch and getting through a couple of episodes on cold winter nights. All you need to add is a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine.

The microplush polyester really is as soft, plush, and warm as reviewers would lead you to believe – even though it’s a little thinner than you might expect. The sleeves are on the large side, but the pocket is super handy for not losing the phone or remote in the piles of fabric cuddled around her.

All in, this is a win for anyone that wants to Netflix and chill on the couch – and works surprisingly well for working in cold offices too.

Price: The MSRP is $30, but you should be able to pick this up for under $25 which makes it a steal. You should have plenty of money left to pick up a good bottle of wine, some comfy sippers, and an online movie rental card while she waits for the Handmaid’s Tale.

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