Finally, a pair of khakis you want to wear.

  • Made from an insanely soft cotton-hemp blend
  • Hideaway drawstring makes belts optional
  • Two pockets front and back



Casual Friday doesn't mean that you can pull on a pair of sweatpants as you did in college and head off to the office. You still need some semblance of structure in your workday wardrobe. While khakis were a step in the right direction, they didn't go far enough.

Not only do you want a pair of Slackies, it won't be long before you've convinced yourself that you need a pair. These super-comfortable pants from Betabrand have an inner drawstring so you can make that belt optional. Each pair has pockets in all the right places, but (of course), the key is how they feel. And that's a little more like the sweatpants you wish you could wear.


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