Skyroam Mobile Hotspot

Best Christmas Gift for Traveling Professionals

Why people love it
  • Get online anywhere in the world
  • Internet access/data available at reasonable prices
  • Connect up to 5 devices; highly secure

Gives him WiFi access anywhere in the world, pay-as-you-go setup, unlimited data at a very affordable rate, excellent built-in security, and covers more than 100 countries.

Poor battery life and slow connection, plus the instructions are a bit difficult to understand. But, for WiFi access anywhere in the world, we think this gift is still worth giving. 


The Details: If he's an international traveler who can't get by without WiFi access, this is just what he needs!

The device gives him access to the internet from anywhere in the world—6 continents (not Antarctica) and over 100 countries. The pay-as-you-go plan allows him to save money and only pay for internet access when he needs it. The hotspot can be set up anywhere and at anytime, so he'll always have connection to the internet.

It's not a perfect device—WiFi isn't top-speed, the battery life is iffy, and the initial set-up can be challenging—but it's a great option for people who travel a lot and can't rely on airport or hotel Wi-Fi. He can connect up to 5 devices (tablet, smartphone, computer, etc.) at a time, so he can be using the internet for multiple purposes. The built-in security protocols ensure only HE can access the device.

Price: At $100, this is a pretty well-priced gadget. He'll spend just $8 per day for unlimited data—a little more than he'd spend on hotspots like Boingo, but with internet he can take anywhere.

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