SkylineWears Men's Fashion Onesie

Best Adult Onesie Overall

Why people love it
  • The perfect winter outfit for lazy days in
  • Surprisingly stylish options; looks good enough to go outdoors in
  • Comfortable, super warm, and made to last

The hood is too small to be comfortably worn when on the couch/in bed.


Style: This adult onesie is one of the most stylish you'll find, thanks to its non-footie design. You'll look like a proper adult rather than a big baby, and the onesie can be worn with boots, shoes, and sandals. For those who overheat easily, it's an awesome style option. Plus, it's even got pockets to carry all your stuff!

The onesie looks like a stylish Christmas sweater married a colorful pair of sweat pants. It's surprisingly durable, yet the inner lining is super soft and warm. The dual zippers allow you to slip in and out of this onesie easily or use the bathroom without having to totally disrobe. The zipper is very durable, and you'll find this is one of the highest quality onesies on the market.

Material: The onesie is made of 50% knitted fleece and 50% polyester. The knitted fleece is super soft and warm, while the polyester traps heat close to your body. You'll find it's a highly durable onesie, capable of being used indoors and for outside work.

You can wear shorts and a T-shirt/tank top beneath, or wear just your boxers to avoid overheating. It's the perfect onesie to wear for some hardcore winter lounging!

Price: Starting at $30, this is slightly on the pricey side, but definitely the best value onesie on our list. You get durability and style for a reasonable price tag, and the onesie will last for many winters to come!

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