SKINFUN Portable Facial Cleansing System

Best Travel Facial Cleansing Brush

Why people love it
  • Easy to use on the go
  • Cute, convenient travel case
  • Relaxes and stimulates

When you need a spare facial cleansing brush to toss in your bag or a no fuss system to keep your skin fresh and healthy while traveling, this is hands down the best option available.

There really aren't many complaints on this one. But one user did say if they used it too often it had a drying effect. 


Effectiveness: This brush is simple to use and does what it's supposed to do. It comes with a standard skin refreshing brush, a silicone cleansing brush for sensitive skin, and a cleaning sponge to polish and absorb excess dirt and makeup. 

Durability: The SKINFUN facial brush is fully waterproof and holds up to a lot of travel. They also stand behind the product with a one-year return policy. 

Price: This is the most affordable sonic brush on our list. It would be a worthwhile investment if you have a busy schedule or travel frequently.

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