Why people love it

  • Great for dry to normal skin types 
  • Unique hydrating and exfoliating formula smooths skin and reduces appearance of lines 
  • Good bang for your buck 


The only thing customers have complained about is the price.


Benefits: We found three major benefits of this night cream: exfoliation, moisturization, and reduction of fine lines. 

Skin Type: Skinceuticals Renew night cream came in at #1 on Total Beauty’s list of the best night creams, and a lot of that is due to how well it works for most skin types (especially normal, combination, and dry). And despite it being a fairly thick cream, oily skin types haven’t complained about it leaving them feeling greasy after using. 

Price: This is the one thing a number of customer reviews have stated as a drawback. However, because this night cream is so thick and it absorbs well, many users have said that it doesn’t take a lot for it to work. If you use this in moderation, it should last you a long time, making this a pretty good bang for your buck.

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