Skeleton Garter Dress

Sexiest Women's Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • A comfortable way to do sexy
  • Not just sexy, but also badass and kinda scary too
  • Unique take on a skeleton

The costume doesn’t come with stockings, gloves, or shoes, so you’ll have to purchase those separately.


Comfort: You might get a little cold wearing this, but this isn’t the kind of costume that would be ruined by a pair of “scary” leggings or a badass biker jacket. Totally flexible in how you want to pimp this out and tailor it to your level of comfort.

Longevity: Skeletons are a main staple of Halloween, so you can recycle this costume as many times as you want.

Price: The garter dress and mask aren’t too expensive, but you will have to buy other items of clothing to go with it so keep that in mind.

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