Why people love it
  • The perfect, stylish, casual pair of flip flops
  • Frayed-edge strap and embossed logo look very trendy
  • Comfortable, grippy, and fairly durable

Pricey and lacking in support.


Style: These are the perfect pair of flip flops to wear when going for the beach casual look. With their frayed edges, they are highly stylish and easy to pair with nice jeans, board shorts, or bermudas. If you're going for the "beach casual" look, these shoes are your best pick.

Materials: The thong itself is made of cotton string, which gives them the frayed edge that is so stylish. Cotton gets water-logged when wet, but it's more resistant to water than genuine leather. The rubber sole is durable and offers great traction, and you'll find the molded foam cushioning is very comfortable. However, they sadly don't offer the arch support required for long hours of walking.

Durability: The cotton strap is resistant to regular use, though it may snap if exposed to water and high heat repeatedly. The lack of arch support means your heels and toes will compress the footbed, but the foam cushioning won't get too thin even with regular use. The outsole holds its texture well, ensuring you get a solid grip as you walk. However, it may become slippery on wet surfaces.

Price: At $27 per pair, these are definitely a pricey investment. Though they're not the most durable choice, they're worth the price if you're looking for form over function!

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