simplehuman Slim Step Trash Can

Best Trash Can for Small Kitchens

Why people love it
  • Compact enough for tiny kitchens
  • Efficient and functional
  • Sturdy workhorse despite being on the smaller side

The wheels don't have anything to lock them in place so sometimes it may ease out of place with heavy use. 


Features: When you have a small kitchen the last thing you want is another bulky item taking up space and making your area feel even more cramped. Talk about claustrophobia! This trash can is specifically designed for small spaces and nestles neatly out of your way. The lid is lightweight, easy to open, and closes silently. Another perk is that it features a lock to keep pets from making a mess. This is our favorite pick for apartments too, as the wheels make taking out the trash a breeze. Plus there are a handful of color options to brighten up your small space.

Cleaning: Depending on the color you choose, cleaning may take a little more time and effort. However, a quick wipe down and a spritz of disinfectant every day and you won't have to put any elbow grease into keeping germs at bay. 

Size/Capacity: This is the smallest option on our list at 40 L/10.6 gallons, but the design is still generous enough to accommodate bigger items, including like pizza boxes. 

Durability: There is a good reason for simplehuman dominating our list. They are top of the line for quality and staying power. Additionally, when you order through Amazon or simplehuman you get that great 5-year warranty.


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