simplehuman Semi Round Step Trash Can

Best Trash Can for Kid and Pet-Friendly Homes

Why people love it
  • Keeps kids and pets out of the trash
  • So many colors to choose from 
  • Big capacity for big families

This is a great, basic, plastic trash can with a slide lock to keep both human and fur babies from making a huge mess. As an added bonus it comes in several colors to match any kitchen palette. 

It isn't as heavy as other options on our list, so if you have a very clever pooch, he or she may be able to knock it over and figure out the locking mechanism. 


Features: The biggest perk of this trash can has gotta be the easy, open silent close, locking lid. You will have to manually lock and unlock the lid if you are trying to keep pets and kids out of it, but the steel pedal and lightweight lid are durable and easy to use. 

Cleaning: This model isn't as easy to clean as other simplehuman trash cans, but a quick wipe down and quick spray of disinfectant every time you change the liner will keep it good as new. 

Size/Capacity: While not the biggest trash can on our list, this is still a pretty good sized 50 L or 13 gal trash can. 

Durability: simplehuman really stands behind their products, just make sure you order from Amazon or simplehuman themselves to get that generous 5-year warranty. 

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