Why people love it
  • Looks great in any style kitchen
  • Works with your favorite trash bag brand
  • Locks odors in 

While you can use a regular trash bag, it will work best with the simplehuman trash bags designed specifically for this trash can. 


Features: This is a sleek step trash can with a unique internal hinge. So what does that mean for you? No more annoying gap between the trash can and the wall! The lid won't bang shut every time you use it either all thanks to the simplehuman lid shox technology. 

Cleaning: The stainless steel outer shell will need a little TLC when tidying up, but the great thing about this trash can is the inner plastic basket that is completely removable and easy to spray down. 

Size/Capacity: This trash can holds 38 L or 10 gallons, so it may have to be emptied more often than bigger trash cans. 

Durability: Talk about tough! This trash can should last you years! The first thing to wear out on step cans is usually the hinge, but simplehuman created a strong, lightweight mechanism that lasts. 

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