Why people love it
  • Reduces bust measurement by up to one inch
  • Comfortable fit
  • Generous coverage

Gives breasts a nice lift while holding them in place. Made of lightweight material with no padding.

To put it bluntly, this bra isn’t sexy. It has a simple design and only comes in two colors.


Style: This is a classic underwire minimizer bra. It’s available in sand, which is a beige-like color, and black. The seamless cups are unlined - a feature many women love but a few hate.

There are no fun designs or feminine accents, unless you count the tiny bow on the front. This bra has a very basic style, so you might want to consider another Wacoal minimizer if you’re looking for something sexier.

Material: This minimizer bra is made from polyester, spandex, and nylon. The material is lightweight and breathable, although a handful of ladies complain it’s too thin.

Support: Perk up your breasts while reducing their size at the same time when you don this Wacoal minimizer bra. It reduces your bustline by up to one inch, and you can wear it under everything from T-shirts to fitted dresses.

Comfort: Super comfy, which is surprising for a minimizer bra. Women love how it conceals their boobage without smashing their twins into their chests. The underwire is also surprisingly comfortable, even if you wear this bra all day.

Price: You’ll shell out around $50 for this minimizer bra from Wacoal.

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