Best Overall Makeup Remover For Eyes & Face

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover
  • Easy to use, yet very effective at taking off cosmetics
  • Tones and balances skin gently 
  • Leaves skin feeling clean with no residue
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An effective, easy-to-use product with no harsh chemicals, perfumes, or dyes - making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Multiple cotton pads needed to get all traces of cosmetics. 


At first glance, the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water appears to be just plain tap water, but don't be fooled. The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is filled with invisible, tiny magnets called micelles. Developed in the United Kingdom in 1960, Simple was the first to create a cleansing product for sensitive skin and eyes with no perfume or dyes. They made their U.S debut in 2012 and we're pretty happy they did. The reason we chose this product as best overall? It's super effective, affordable, and has no harsh chemicals, making Simple Micellar Cleansing Water great for all cosmetic wearers. 


What makes Simple Micellar Cleansing Water so effective is the micelles. Micelles are lipid molecules that act as tiny magnets when in contact with water. They have the ability to dissolve and transport substances, or in this case, mascara. We were impressed at this makeup remover's ability to pull dirt, oil, and traces of makeup from the skin - even the toughest waterproof mascara. Although you may need multiple cotton pads to get everything off, you won't need to spend the time washing your face or using additional wipes afterwards. 


Our favorite part about this product is the skin-friendly ingredient list. In reviews, users said the same. The water is triple purified to remove any contaminants that might irritate the skin. We loved that Simple also added moisturizing glycerin, calming chamomile extract, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin C. These vitamins are responsible for restoring, softening, and soothing the skin. A few ingredients we were especially happy not to find were harsh chemicals, dyes, oils, or perfumes. 

Feeling after Use:

Since this product is water-based and oil-free, the skin is left feeling refreshed after use with no greasy residue. Reviewers love how soft it leaves the skin feeling. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate that this makeup remover is hypoallergenic and pH balanced, which means its safe and won't causes any irritations. We recommend using this twice a day - use it to refresh your skin in the a.m and to remove makeup in the p.m.


For being the best makeup remover for eyes and face on the market, we are big fans of the low-price tag. 


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