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This crib mattress offers more support and strength than your average foam mattress; it also has 231 pocketed springs to make that happen. It’s waterproof, holds the relevant certifications, and converts to a toddler bed when it’s time.

Some users report problems with the stitching on this (otherwise awesome) crib mattress.


On the surface, this crib mattress seems as if it should hold the top spot on our list of Faves. Despite costing a little more, it offers all the same benefits and outshines the top spot in a few areas. But, there have been reported issues with the stitching on some of these mattresses – and that’s problematic.

Now, it doesn’t happen to everyone and for many the incredible fire standards and the overall safety-oriented construction of this mattress far outweighs the need to be gentle with it, but it’s not for everyone. You will need to make the decision for yourself.

What’s it made of? On the inside, there are layers of pocketed coils and foam – plus the 100% cotton fire barrier. There are 13 gauge coils, 231 pocketed coils, and the whole thing is wrapped in a medical-grade, waterproof, woven cover. Basically it’s luxury you might not even find in your own bed.

What are the best features? While young babies aren’t really going to notice the difference between pure foam and coils in their mattresses, you might. And we love the combination as presented here. But, it’s really a matter of being the perfect tension for both infants and toddlers (simply flip the mattress over) that makes this so useful. The ability to meet safety standards is just what you would expect from the brand.

Will it fit the crib? It measures 52 x 27.5 x 6 x 52”. That makes it a little taller than the standard 5”, so the sheets should be quite tight. That’s a good thing for both appearance and safety. But, it also weighs 19.4 pounds which is quite heavy for a crib mattress. As you would expect, that has everything to do with the springs.

How should you care for it? The covering is waterproof and offers the same sort of protection you’ll find in hospitals. You should expect to simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and be done with that. Nice, right?

Are there any certifications, warranties, or awards? It holds GREENGUARD GOLD and CertiPUR-US certifications – which you should expect for the price. And, there’s also a limited lifetime warranty. Given the prevalence of the company throughout the world, you shouldn’t expect any hassles with customer service.

Will it break the bank? Not really. Sure, it’s MSRP of $174 is a great deal more than our top fave, but you should expect to pay about $140 for it. Given that it offers coils as well as foam, converts perfectly to a toddler bed, and has all the safety certifications you want, it’s really not a bad deal at all – and the best if you want coils along with the foam.


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