Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

Best Noise Isolation Earbuds

Why people love it
  • Beautiful bass, without artificial amplification
  • Durable cord can take a beating!
  • Crystal clear mix of high, mid, and bass; great for all styles of music

Pricey with very few additional features.


Design: This is a pair of headphones designed for studio musicians, but can be used by anyone who wants to block out background sound. The sound-isolating sleeves stop as much as 37 db of ambient noise, ensuring that no outside noise affects your listening experience.

The unusual shape of these headphones keeps them sitting comfortably in your ears, though the noise isolation can mess with your balance/spatial awareness if you leave them in for too long. They're a good fit for long-term use.

Performance: Sound quality on these headphones is excellent--on par with any pair of studio headphones. The headphones are built for professional musicians, and will easily hold up under daily use. With MicroDrivers for dynamic and detailed sound, acoustic seals to ensure proper balance, and a sound-isolating sleeve, it's a pair of headphones built for your listening pleasure.

Noise isolation on these bad boys is impressive, thanks to the Shure Sound Isolation technology. Whether you're playing at a rock concert or walking down the street, you will be in your own little "audio bubble".

The headphone cord comes unplugged, reducing the risk of damage or breakage to the earbuds. With the Kevlar coating, these headphones are built to last!

Features: This is a "no-frills" pair of headphones, with no added features. They just do what they do best: deliver quality sound and peerless noise isolation.

Price: The $97 price tag on this pair of headphones may seem steep, but when you consider that they're built for professional musicians, you can understand the cost. If you need studio quality sound and top-notch noise isolation, they're worth the price.

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