Trademark Games Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock lets you blast your way out of bed! 

  • Target recordable alarm clock:
  • 2 game modes
  • Includes infrared Gun,

Get the drop on your wakeup routine! With the Gun and Target Alarm Clock you just blast the bullseye to "earn" 5 extra minutes of snooze.

Tough time getting out of bed in the morning? Ever feel like shooting your alarm clock for a few more minutes of precious sleep? Now you can start the day with a bang with the Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock from Trademark Games.This revolutionary alarm clock will improve the caliber of your sleep by going into snooze mode when you shoot the target with the included gun. Simply set the 12 hour clock and alarm for your desired wake time, record your own wake up message or music and enjoy a great night’s sleep. When it’s time to wake up your recording will play for three minutes and the target will pop up.

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