For a  seasonal variety to enjoy this winter, the Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat packs a flavor punch!

  • Tasting notes: fresh-baked pretzels, buttered sourdough, orange peel, coriander, caramel malt
  • Smooth, refreshing beer with a rich finish
  • 5.2% ABV

This seasonal beer has all the rich, yeasty flavor that you can't help but love! Dark caramel malt is the primary flavor, but the aftertaste of sourdough and pretzel makes it delicious on the back of your palate. With the hints of orange and spices, it's a brilliant vintage.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Tastes just like one of them big warm salted buttery pretzels you'd get from a carnival or something. Next time I'm putting mustard around the rim of my beer glass for the full effect! Lol. I really enjoyed this, it strange but in good way. My only complaint it could be a little thicker, creamier and fuller. But besides that its worth checking out.
  • f you just close your eyes and sniff and sip, its pretzel all the way, soft ballpark type with the big salt that hurts your tongue after awhile. the should serve this thing with a side of spicy mustard! as a beer, its hard to appreciate it. i like that its true to pretzel, as advertised, but im not sure i want that flavor as a beverage. if i do, i dont want more than one of these at the absolute most. salty in the finish, wheaty down there somewhere, and carbonated rather well. not my favorite by a long stretch, but pretty interesting, better than many others in the series, and worth trying if you want to be tripped out a little bit...
  • I bought a case the other day hoping it would taste the same but its just not a good as last year. Still a good beer with caramely notes and a little pretzel flavor. Make sure you pour the beer into a glass and follow the pouring directions on the bottle. The smell of the beer after you swirl the last inch in the bottle and pour it straight in glass smells just like a pretzel. Great beer can't wait to see what Shock Top comes up with next.

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