• Provides excellent bilateral support for the knees
  • Moisture wicking to keep your knee cool
  • Compression and warmth for speeding healing

With hinges on either side of the knee, this brace protects your joints while you lift, run, and train hard. As a bonus, it's supremely comfortable.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Since I have this product, my knee is pefectly stable while wearing it, with no lack of motion. although many people said, order onw size up, I followed the sizing instructions and went with the reccomended size. I could see how people thought it was too small, but by loosening the straps completely and removing them from the slots before pulling it on, it comes on easily, and after strapping it all up i feel very secure.
  • I bought a pair of these for both knees. I tore my right MCL (Grade II tear) 2 years ago while snow skiing. I took a season off and I am now skiing again. I am preparing for a trip to Keystone, Colorado so I bought these to protect BOTH knees. I tested them this weekend skiing at Cascade. THEY WORKED GREAT. I completely forgot I was wearing them. They did not hurt or hinder my natural skiing motion. I hit some aggressive turns and I felt not knee pain. Afterwards, my knees felt fine with no pain. Overall, I am SUPER PLEASED with this purchase. The lateral support is excellent at this price point.
  • It is a little pricey, but I decided to finally give it a try after reading a bunch of reviews. Totally worth the money. Stays put on my knee after 10 hours of work. Gets itchy sometimes, but doesn't hurt or irritate the back of my knee like other braces. Offers a ton of support.

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