Not sure about a moisturizer with such a high-end price tag?  Well, let's just say you don't need this moisturizer from Shiseido all the time.  

  • Energizes dull fatigued skin
  • Strengthens skin ability to combat dryness & signs of aging
  • Maintains moisture levels throughout the day

You just need to use it for a month at a time.  That's because it's a revitalizing moisturizer that does what it promises.  So just what does this cream promise? To make you look younger in four weeks.  At Faveable, we suggest using this moisturizer until you run out - and that's both morning and evening like a good boy.  But, in addition to loading this product with all things good, it also works as a pore minimizer which is especially useful for some men - and it's good to go on your skin just after shaving.  Not all moisturizers can; you need to keep your eyes open for the ones that do.

What Reviewers Say:

  • This is perfect for daytime use. Even if I didn't get any sleep the night before, this really helps make me look awake (especially when combined with Kyoku's Eye Fuel).
    The price is a bit off the charts, especially since a jar won't last long at all with regular use (think 2 jars per month). But for what it's worth, it delivers in spades. It even makes my pores look much smaller on application. Really a top-notch moisturizer and temporary face rejuvenator.
  • I had the opportunity this summer to purchase this product in an airport by chance and now it is part of my basics.
    You'll see the results immediately
  • I bought this cream as I am very sensitive to ingredients such as perfumes and I wanted something without attracting attention. I like the cream as it gives a light touch and provides moisture for a whole day.

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