Best Gift for the Girlfriend Who is Always on Her Feet

Shiatsu-Style Foot Massager
  • Provides ample massage space, even for large feet
  • Helps soothe the symptoms of plantar fasciitis
  • Heater doesn’t get overly hot

Adjustable height makes it simple for your girlfriend to get comfortable during use. 18 gentle, yet powerful, massage heads provide a relaxing experience.

Some users complain that the heat doesn’t work too well, but we saw more complaints about foot massagers from other brands.


Details: This foot massager has more benefits than you might think. Yes, it will relieve aches and pains that plague her feet, but it can also improve her overall health. Foot massage helps reduce the symptoms of depression, and it also minimizes the symptoms of PMS. She’ll probably be happier and healthier if she uses this machine regularly, which sounds like a win for both of you!

This circulation-boosting machine is portable, so she can take it to work if her boss won’t mind (or notice).

Price: The regular price for this shiatsu-style foot massager is $85, but we’ve seen it as low as $60. That’s way cheaper than forking over cash for your sweetheart to get monthly foot massages from a spa.


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