Sharp SPC800 Vintage Looking Unique Alarm Clock

Best Unique Vintage Analog Alarm Clock

Why people love it
  • Retro analog design
  • Very loud; guaranteed to wake up the dead
  • Time is highly reliable

Classic, old-school design complete with twin bells, comes with built-in backlight button, cheap, highly effective, very loud, plus dial and hands glow in the dark.

Difficult to turn off, must manually set the alert every night.



If you like the old-school models, this is the one for you! When it's time to wake up, those twin bells ring out with enough sound to wake up your neighbors. There is a drawback with the design: the button to turn off the bells is located in the back, and can be tough to find. However, it's this that makes sure you get up in the morning.


There is no way to set the alert for AM/PM (it's an analog 12-hour face), so you have to remember to manually set the alarm hand and turn it on every night. It will take a bit of work to get the setting at precisely the right time. There is no ticking sound, and the luminous dial and hands will make it easy to see the face at night. There's even a backlight built in so you can light up the face to tell the time. The unit runs on a single AA battery, and the timekeeping is highly reliable until the battery runs low. 


For $8, this old-timey model is a total steal! You may set your neighbors and family against you, but it's GUARANTEED to get you out of bed in the morning.

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