This Sharp microwave may not be the biggest with 1.1 cubic feet of cooking space.  Nor is it the strongest with only 850 watts of power, but this over-the-range convection combo does what it does very well.


The thing about this Sharp over-the-range microwave is that it doesn't have a matching range. So, if you're pedantic like that, then you will need to give this one a miss. And, it's pretty tiny as far as cooking space goes, even though it is not really on the small side at all. What it is, though, is efficient as a range hood. It also performs excellently as a microwave - or a convection oven. It is pretty straightforward to use, although some of the one-touch functions aren't as accurate as they should be. But, if you prefer to turn on your microwave rather than your oven (and you don't have a crowd to feed), this microwave is definitely worth looking at.

It only works with 850 watts of power and measures over 16.25" high, nearly 30" wide and just over 15.25" deep.

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