Best Makeup Brush Set to Splurge On

SHANY Pro Signature Brush Set
  • Amazing set of brushes
  • Good quality materials
  • Surprisingly great value, despite the price
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The sturdy oak handles on these makeup brushes complement the different hairs used across the set. In addition to 24 brushes, the roll up case is exceptionally useful.

Besides the price, some users have experienced some shedding.


It’s difficult to find a traditionally made set of makeup brushes like this one. You’ll find a variety of hairs in the mix – each one chosen for the type of makeup being applied. Despite sable and pony hair, the manufacturer is a proud member of PETA. So, although they’re not vegan brushes, you can bet they’re cruelty-free.

Some of these brushes can be classified as professional, though not all of them. But, the oak handles are fantastic and we love the way they fit in the roll up carrying case. Overall these handmade makeup brushes are exceptional value for money considering the number of brushes for the price. And, the fact that they’re designed in the USA is a plus.

Number of pieces: 24

Brushes: Foundation, liquid foundation buffer, oval liquid foundation, rounded foundation, X fan, medium powder, mineral powder, slanted contour, blending, slanted finish, concealer, buffed bronzer, mineral blush, mineral bronze buffer, eye shadow (2), contouring eye shadow, slanted eye shadow, cream eye shadow, eye shadow buffer, slanted eyeliner, eyeliner, brow, spoolie

Case or storage: Travel makeup rollup pouch and storage box

Bristles: Natural materials: sable, goat, badger, and pony hair. There are also laser cut synthetic hair brushes.

Price: You should pay a little less than $40 for these brushes. That will feel like a lot unless you’re a makeup artist, but they do have everything you need and they’re super high quality.


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