Sexy Suicide Squad Red and Blue Costume

Best Sexy Halloween Costume for Women

Why people love it
  • Remarkably comfortable and fits most women well
  • Good quality
  • Not a bad price for the product

The shorts can feel a bit too small for some women (though we bet that most men aren't going to believe it). Additionally, the belt doesn't always stay fastened. 


You'll have the spotlight on you when you walk into a party wearing this sexy Halloween costume. (As a side note, we really don't suggest wearing this to hand out candy to the neighborhood children!) We love, love, love the quality of this costume. We're also big fans of the sexiness factor that isn't overstated. You know, it's not as in-your-face as a French maid. And, yes, your friends will be jealous. 

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 3
  • Scare Factor: 2
  • Sexy Factor: 5
  • Identifiable: 5

What’s it made of? This costume is made from a combination of polyester and elasticised cotton. And, you'll be surprised at the quality of the material. The jacket feels pleasantly heavy. Just so you know, the shirt doesn't come torn; you'll need to take a pair of scissors to it. The belt is the only real problem (unless your hands are too large for the gloves. 

Will you need extra bits? You may need to pick up some tights. Then again, it depends on how sexy you want to make this costume. 

Is it hand wash only? Sorry, but it is. If you go for a ripped shirt, you may want to put it in the machine after cutting it. That will give it the worn look. However, we would suggest you put it in on a gentle cycle and in the dryer without heat. 

Will it break the bank? It's not a cheap costume at $65 regardless of the size. But, you may not need to get anything else to complete your look - and remember, it's actually a high quality, sexy Halloween costume. You never know when else you'll be called to wear those shorts. 

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