Sex and the City: The Complete Collection

Best Christmas Gift for the Girlfriend who loves to Netflix and Chill

Why people love it
  • All six Sex and the City seasons in one collection
  • This set is everything you need if you're a fan of Sex and The City
  • Gorgeous box design with beautiful pictures and quotes

Comes with seasons 1-6, extended/deleted scenes, bonus audio commentary, interviews with cast and crew, and a 90 minute bonus disc of fashion, love, and romance discussions.

The disc holder makes it tough to get the DVDs out the first few times she watches. 


Why she'll love it: For anyone who is a true fan of the series, this is the gift to get for Christmas. What girl doesn't love binge-watching episodes of the Sex and the City? The 6-disc set comes with all six seasons plus more than 40 hours of bonus content—interviews with the cast and crew, audio commentary, deleted and extended scenes, and so much more.

The designers really took the time to make this box set a true centerpiece for any coffee table. The packaging is gorgeous and all she'll want to place it where everybody can see it. 

Price: Yes, $55 is a bit of a high price to pay for a Christmas gift, but if she loves to stay home, it's money well spent into something she's going to watch over and over.

If your girlfriend isn't a big fan of Sex and the City, try a gift set of Gilmore Girls or maybe Friends instead. Or if you're lady's guilty pleasure is Real Housewives or anything on Bravo, really, opt for an iTunes gift card so she can buy all of her favorite episodes and watch them over and over again.

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