Set of Basic Cleaning Supplies from Mrs. Meyer’s

Best Gift for the High School Graduate Getting Their Own Apartment

Why people love it


  • Pleasant scent 
  • Effective formulas fight grease and grime
  • Gentle on skin


Primarily made from natural ingredients. Gets the job done without leaving behind a strong chemical odor.

The spray leaves a film on some surfaces.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Your gift recipient may experience delayed gratitude when it comes to this set of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies. Sure, dish soap and all-purpose spray don’t seem too exciting at first, but wait until the apartment is covered in pizza sauce, soda rings, and soap scum. An included bottle of hand soap helps promote good hygiene after bathroom breaks.

The delightful lemon verbena scent of these naturally derived cleaning products will leave your grad’s new home smelling fresh and clean. It also helps mask the odor of pets - or smelly roommates.

Price: It’s around $12 for a 3-piece set of cleaning supplies, which is about what you’d pay at Target or Walmart.

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