Most Comfortable Air Bed

Serta Raised Air Queen Pillow Top Mattress with Never Flat Pump
  • Thick, comfortable pillow top traps body heat; great for use in winter months!
  • Easy to set up; multiple firmness settings allow you to choose your desired firmness
  • No contorting when you move around or roll out of bed—the edges are firm and there's no rocking

Integrated pillow top for maximum comfort, dual pumps make for easy inflation and consistent firmness, raised height, easy to inflate/deflate, good quality, fits queen-sized bed sheets, and pillow top prevents body heat leakage.

Pricey and not easy to pack up when not in use.


Performance: One of the primary concerns about air beds is that they tend to absorb body heat. In winter months, it can be mighty cold to sleep on an air bed for just this reason. Lucky for you, the pillow top of this bad boy traps your body heat, preventing it from leeching away. So you'll stay nice and warm thanks to the comfortable, thick top.

With this bed, you don't have to worry about waking your partner up if you move around or get out of bed. The surface is fairly firm and stable, and the firm edges make it easy to get up or climb into bed. There's very little rocking or contorting of the mattress. You'll find that most queen-size sheets fit the bed beautifully.

The downside: Many users have complained that it's tough to roll and pack the bed once deflated. The pillow top can be a bit challenging to stow, and may come loose from the mattress if you move around a lot.

Features: The dual pumps are designed to 1) inflate and deflate the mattress quickly (4 minutes to be exact) and 2) keep the mattress at your desired firmness all night long. The Never Flat Pump motor runs with a quiet hum, like your fridge. You'll find it's easy to sleep thanks to the low noise level.

There are three firmness settings to choose from, allowing you to decide just how soft/hard you want your bed to be. Thanks to the Never Flat Pump, the air mattress will stay (more or less) at that firmness all night long.

Price: At $160, this is the priciest model on the list. However, the plush pillow top maximizes your comfort while the dual air pump system ensures reliable firmness. All in all, it's the most comfortable air mattress around—worth that higher price tag!


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