Serta Executive Office Chair

Most Comfortable Office Chair

Why people love it
  • Plush padding and soft microfiber covering for maximum comfort
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the back of the legs; improves circulation
  • Heavy duty construction; solid base built to last for years

Smaller users will find the armrests are too high, and the cushioning tends to flatten after awhile.


Details: This is an executive office chair built for someone who spends hours working at a desk. With the plush padding built into the seat and back, you can be comfortable even after a full day of work. The design is for a slightly larger person, so smaller users will find it a bit large and the armrests too high. However, for anyone over 5' 4" or so, it is a beautifully comfortable chair.

The rolling action is smooth, the chair swivels easily, and the base is surprisingly solid. You'll find the chair itself lasts for years of use. On the downside, the seat padding tends to flatten out after about a year. The good news is that the waterfall seat edge will reduce the pressure on the back of your legs. For those with circulation problems, this is the perfect chair for a full day of sitting.

Features: This chair comes with a microfiber covering that is velvety and soft to the touch. The material will feel luxurious on your bare skin (back, legs, etc.), and it's designed to be cool even during the summer heat.

The pillowed headrest is great for reclining, and it provides neck support while keeping your eyes fixed on the computer. It's the perfect office chair for both relaxing and working hard. With the padded armrests, your elbows and wrists will be comfortable even after hours of work.

Price: At $93, this is one of the pricier chairs on our list. However, given its amazing comfort and excellent design, it's definitely a chair worth owning.

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