Serac Sequoia XL Portable Double Camping Hammock

Best Double Camping Hammock Overall

Why people love it

  • Extra-large camping hammock 
  • Soft, breathable fabric 
  • High-quality fabric, stitching, and straps 


A couple customers complained about the stitching or ropes fraying, though we haven’t seen this complaint pop up often enough to think it warrants a serious concern.


Strength: Much like the Serac Classic that also appears on this list, support, sturdiness, and durability are an excellent quality of this camping hammock.

Capacity: This is the first camping hammock we've seen that claims to hold over 500 pounds and customers are totally sold after using it! So, if you want a true “XL” camping hammock, this is it. 

Use: Although this probably isn’t the lightest of camping hammocks, the fact that it can hold so many people (or things) makes it a great hammock to take along anytime you head outdoors. One customer has even been using this as a swing, too, so it appears to have multiple uses other than just serving as a comfy place to rest.

Price: Despite its size, this camping hammock is very reasonably priced which seems to be a common theme among Serac’s line of hammocks.

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