Why people love it
  • As much power as a full size blow dryer
  • Barely weighs anything
  • Affordable and you can take it anywhere

Doesn't include a cool blast setting. 


Who's it for? This little dryer is for anyone who travels often (or doesn't have a lot of bathroom storage). 

Features: This amazingly compact, lightweight, mini dryer features dual-voltage technology, so you can use it anywhere around the globe. Inside, it has a powerful DC motor which infuses negative ions into your hair. The ionic drying reduces static and seals the cuticle, helping your hair retain natural moisture and enhance shine. Dual settings allow your hair to dry in half the time, and a plug adapter enables easy powering when you're travelling abroad. The dryer also includes a diffuser nozzle and features a soft-touch rubberized finish. 

Price: You really can't beat the $26 price - especially if you've just spent a fortune on airline tickets. You'll be glad you got this handy little dryer for your next vacation. Trust us, it's much better than the one you'll find in the hotel.  

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