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SEPHORA COLLECTION Into the Stars Palette
  • So many colors
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Serious value for money
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This limited edition makeup kit has EVERYTHING to satisfy newbies through professional artists – and comes at a fantastic price.

You’ll need to spend another 50 cents to qualify for free shipping – and this kit won’t be around forever.


Why she’ll love it: It doesn’t matter whether she just dabbles with makeup or refuses to leave her house without a face on, this makeup kit comes with everything to keep just about everyone entertained for a long, long time.

Inside, she’ll get - 80x eye shadows, 20x lip glosses, 10x cream eyeliners, 5x brow powders, 5x blushes, 5x bronzers and highlighters, 5x color correctors, 2 x tutorial cards, and a decorative sticker palette. Seriously, all this for less than $50 and with a rather impressive array of colors as well.

Price: This is an amazing price for so much makeup. And, with the Sephora brand behind it, you can believe this $50 will be well spent.


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