Why people love it
  • Smooth and creamy texture that doesn't feel sticky
  • Highly pigmented color lasts longer than 8 hours
  • Keeps lips moist and won't dry them out

This lip stain is bright and highly pigmented which some may not prefer. 


This creamy lip stain from the Sephora Collection is the best of the best. We know because we've tested it ourselves. It's great for moisturizing your lips (and for making a statement).

Why we love this product so much? It's formula is ultra-lightweight and stays on for hours. 

Color: Sephora offers this product in 40 different shades. Now, that's impressive. The colors are nearly limitless.

The most popular lip stain color seems to be the matte bold classic red named, "Always Red". Other seriously gorgeous shades include Nude Blush and Blackberry Sorbet. You're going to want more than one shade. 

The colors of this lip stain are highly pigmented and bright. So, if you're looking for something buildable and more natural-looking, this might not be the lip stain for you.

Application: This lightweight lip stain comes in a traditional .16 ounce lip color tube with a soft, doe wand applicator. The doe wand allows you to precisely apply the lip stain in all the right places. 

One thing we love about this stuff is that it glides on smooth and creamy but dries into a lightweight stain. As a plus, it doesn't feel sticky.

And, this stuff will stay on more than 8 hours. So, you don't have to constantly reapply. If you have been looking for that perfect lip stain that keeps lips moist, you found it. 

As a bonus, this stuff smells like brown sugar. It's so good you might just find yourself licking your lips throughout the day. 

Price: We think $14 for the best Sephora Collection product is a pretty great deal. Not to mention, you only need a little bit of the product and your color is in place for the entire day.

This 0.16-ounce container will easily last you for months. Because this lip stain is such a great price, it's probably a good idea to get a few colors. 

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