Too many people are too exhausted to get a decent night of sleep. Fortunately, there's something you can do about it.  

  • Monitors the environment so you can make changes
  • Adjusts your alarm time to work with your natural rhythm
  • Attaches to the pillow, not your wrist

Well, perhaps it's not a matter of the work we did during the day.  Sometimes, it's the room we're in, the noises creeping in from down the hall or even being woken at the worst possible point in our sleep cycle.

The Hello team have moved their Kickstarter project, Sense, into production and it's shipping in December 2014  Of course, you may want to pre-order yours now because this is one product that may change your world in 2015.  It'll tell you what's wrong in your sleep environment before you wake in the middle of the night from a disturbance.  It'll also wake you up at the very best time in your sleep cycle, but still close enough to your original alarm time to get the best and longest amount of sleep possible.  And, if that's not enough, it's not one of those clunky wristbands; it attaches to your pillow.  

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