Why people love it

  • Classy-looking watch made by a well-trusted brand 
  • Goes great with casual and professional wear 
  • Best watch for your money 


If there are any, they’re so few and far between that they’re not worth noting here.


Happiness Factor: Although most of us are accustomed to checking the time on our phone, there is something much more grown up and sophisticated about being able to get it from a watch. If your grad is excited about this next part of life’s journey, they’ll appreciate this gift.

Practical Applications: In terms of practicality, this watch does what it’s supposed to: tell time. It also looks great (customers say it actually looks much nicer than the Amazon pictures), so it’ll help your graduate exude much more confidence and style in whatever he wears.

Price: Although the watch is expensive, it’s actually pretty reasonably priced for a SEIKO.

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